Outdoor Learning

The nursery benefits from a variety of outdoor areas allowing children to access the curriculum outside. For many children, the outdoors is their preferred learning environment. Research has shown the benefits of outdoor learning for children’s development and wellbeing include better communication and concentration, greater stamina, improved balance and coordination, increased confidence and an appreciation and understanding of the outdoors.

In 2015, we introduced staff and children to a forest kindergarten approach making much greater use of outdoor environments. Children are given regular opportunities to learn through play in local natural or woodland settings. Children are leaders in their play and have freedom to explore using their multiple senses. The sessions are fun, creative, challenging and full of adventure. Children benefit from our onsite, natural play space called the Outback. We have an outdoor toilet so children can spend the morning/afternoon in the Outback without having to come indoors! All children can access the Outback on a daily basis.

‘I like putting boundaries up on the tree and throwing sticks in the river. I took my Mummy there, I showed her the way.’ Brighton child, aged 3

‘I like to explore. I caught salmon in the river!’ Brighton child, aged 4

‘The hedge is my favourite bit because we can go through it on our own.’ Brighton child, aged 3


“Brighton’s development of their ‘outback’ outdoor learning has made a real impact for them both and they both love coming to nursery”.
Brighton Parent, Inspection Report 2018