About the nursery

Outdoor nursery adventures with the children in the park

Outdoor adventures with the children in the park

We  create a safe, secure and happy environment, allowing children to develop and progress at their own pace, gaining skills, knowledge, confidence and self esteem.  We offer structure and routine while allowing for spontaneous events and activities,  ensuring that through play, children discover that learning is fun!

The Garden

There are five garden areas that we continue to develop. The surfaces are a mixture of grass, play grass, paving and play bark and gardens are easily accessed via french doors from the playrooms. Outside there are opportunities for the children to climb, investigate, risk assess, plant, dig, play in the mud kitchen, pedal trikes, play with sand and water, play imaginative games with friends……. the list is endless!

There is a large climbing frame with swings, a slide and monkey bars and a large playhouse is fun to play in on rainy days or for children to use their imagination and act out stories. They can also get involved in looking after the hens – reared at the nursery and collecting newly laid eggs adds a bit of excitement!

Our nursery children enjoy Spanish classes every week.

Our children enjoy Spanish.

Getting out and about

We make use of the excellent local facilities. We have triple buggies allowing the youngest children regular outings. Parks visited include the Daisy Park, Rosefield Park and Brighton Park as well as play parks on the prom. The children also enjoys playing on the beach.

 What children like to do at Brighton Nursery

One of the favourite areas in the nursery is the ‘Honeypot’ which is a bright, spacious area where children of all ages come together daily to enjoy daily music sessions.

We have soft play; children of all ages never tire of jumping, climbing and building with the large foam blocks and steps. Children also enjoy the challenge of our climbing wall. Dancing, circle games and heuristic play are other activities that take place on a daily basis in the honeypot.

Another favourite is the Loose Parts Room. Encouraging creativity and imaginative play, there are endless possibilities.

Children also enjoy baking. In the kitchen there is an enclosed area behind a work surface. This has been built up so that children are at the right height to bake or make play dough.


The older children (3-5 years) enjoy Spanish, where they enjoy getting to know another language and culture, in an engaging and playful environment. The children learn simple words, phrases and songs.